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HeaderTarps is part of the Tough-As Products Company – a proud rural Australian manufacturing business, operating out of Mannum, South Australia.

Mannum has a proven agricultural manufacturing history, this is the town that the Shearer brothers began their agricultural business in the 1800’s which at its peak employed four hundred workers and revolutionised farming in this country.

D Shearer Model-P-Harvester

Tough-As Products, in its own way is trying to create its own manufacturing story with new innovative products such as the Header Tarp. The Header Tarp has been in scale production for over six years and during this time has been fully engineered and developed into the robust and innovative product it is today. It has been sold to dealers, purchased and loved by farmers right across Australia and is quickly building a solid reputation as the must have addition to any modern Harvester.

The Header Tarp was designed by Tough-As Products Managing Director Terry Schutz in conjunction with Aussie farmers and the business is co-managed by Operations Director and Lean Manufacturing specialist Darren Lee.

Both directors are highly experienced in the manufacturing industry having previously held senior positions with global and multi-national businesses, then running their own separate companies and now combining forces at Tough-As Products to manufacture and distribute the Header Tarp around the world.

The combination of Terry’s farm and product knowledge with Darren’s business acumen and lean manufacturing experience is sure to see the Header Tarp name become synonymous with harvesting excellence.

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Buying for a 4WD fan this Christmas? We have you covered ! Tough-As 4WD Work mats are the 4WD fan’s best friend when they need to work under/on their 4WD. You can have one within 7 days, complete with a Christmas card ready to fill out. You just need to wrap it and you’re done. Buy this Australian Made product direct right here: www.tough-as.com.au/#!product-page/cba4/f3562464-3dea-a08f-287a-ec984472d613

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Check out these new Tactical Mats at TOUGH-AS Products. ...

About to be launched the padded TOUGH-AS Tactical Mat. You know what it's for! www.tough-as.com.au

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Lots of rain coming through with the thunderstorms today in SA, hoping that everyone doesn't get too much damage to their crops around the country.


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All set up and underway at the Paskerville Field Day for the next three days. ...

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Just leaving WA Wheatbelt. Thanks for the great two weeks. We will be back. ...

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