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Sick of SCRAMBLING around to find an empty field bin as the rain is approaching?

Have you ever woken at night by rain STRESSING you didn’t tarp the header?

Would you like to fill your Combine Bin to capacity with NO SPILLAGE?

Like the rest of us people on the land, you don’t like to gamble with your business so why is it that you have answered YES to the above questions? WORRY NO LONGER, we have the solution to all these problems and the benefits to YOU – are huge!

  • Say goodbye to annoying grain spills that cost you money – FIT MORE IN YOUR BIN
  • NEVER have to clean out the bottom of your grain bin of stinking wet grain again
  • Be more EFFICIENT – reap for longer – right up until the rain starts to fall


‘‘HeaderTarps’ – A NEW concept in Combine Harvester Covers that protects your harvest and ADDS PRODUCTIVITY by allowing more grain in the bin without spillage.”

The ‘Header Tarp’ :

  • has a large RANGE OF MODELS to suit over 30 different harvesters
  • is made from 650gsm RIPSTOP PVC that will not rot, fade or degrade;
  • is fully WELDED to eliminate the weakness of sewed joints and seams;
  • completely COVERS THE BIN and secures around the sides to give a WEATHER TIGHT SEAL;
  • uses an aluminum DOMED frame to give the tarp its STRENGTH and SHAPE;
  • provides AMPLE SPACE for bubble augers and grain;
  • allows your GPS to WORK PERFECTLY;
  • is EASY TO INSTALL; and
  • comes with a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

If you have a Combine Harvester then HeaderTarps Australia has you covered.

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